Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct

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The mission of the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM) is to support the University’s commitment to a working and learning environment free from sexual misconduct and discrimination. OCRSM was founded in March of 2014 following an independent assessment of the University's response to sexual misconduct and recommendations made to President Loh by the Joint President/Senate Sexual Harassment Task Force in August of 2013.


The charge of OCRSM is to:

  • Oversee and implement the University’s compliance with Title IX as well as other federal and state civil rights laws and regulations;
  • Resolve reports of sexual misconduct;
  • Monitor outcomes, identify and address any patterns, and assess the effects on the campus climate;
  • Collect and analyze information from annual climate surveys;
  • Assess, respond, and resolve reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination;
  • Develop and conduct compliance, policy, and prevention training for faculty, staff, and students; and
  • Promote sexual misconduct awareness campaigns specific to the University and organize and facilitate campus-wide awareness events.