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Staff Directory

Grace Karmiol, Esq.

Director and Title IX Coordinator

Email: gkarmiol@umd.edu

Tamara M. Saunders

Special Assistant to the Director and Title IX Coordinator

Email: tmsaunde@umd.edu

Brittany Antrum


Email: bantrum@umd.edu

Rachel Sherman

Intake Coordinator

Email: rsherm28@umd.edu

Natacha Thys, J.D.

Senior Investigator

Email: nthys@umd.edu

Elizabeth Samples, J.D.

Senior Investigator

Email: esamples@umd.edu

Demetrius J. Peterson

Senior Investigator

Email: dpeters5@umd.edu

Jamie D. Brennan

Senior Investigator

Email: jamiebr@umd.edu

Katharine Mckinney


Email: kmckinn1@umd.edu