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Questions? Need help? Email here or call:

Questions? Need help?
Email here or call: 301.405.1142

Education & Training


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OCRSM provides mandatory campus-wide civil rights compliance training to inform all faculty, staff and students of their rights, responsibilities and resources under the University of Maryland’s Non-Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Disability & Accessibility Policies and Procedures.

For course descriptions, login instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, and tech support tips, click on the training links below.


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OCRSM conducts in-person presentations and trainings on civil rights issues, including Title IX and related reporting obligations. To request an in-person presentation for a faculty, staff or student group, please email ocrsm-training@umd.edu.

CARE to Stop Violence - Education & Outreach

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CARE education and outreach is provided by professional staff members and students involved in CARE's Peer Education and Peer Outreach programs. Peer Educators deliver free, unbiased workshops pertaining to sexual violence, consent, relationship violence, how to help a friend, and more! Step UP is an interactive workshop on bystander intervention facilitated by University Health Center/CARE Peer Educators, primarily via UNIV 100 courses. The college environment yields many opportunities for both intentional and unintentional dangerous, problematic, or violent behavior. During this hour long workshop, participants learn to evaluate challenging situations and determine how to safely intervene using one of the 3Ds (Direct, Distract, and Delegate). Step UP empowers students with the awareness skills and tools to help prevent harmful situations from occurring or escalating on our campus. For more information about Step Up training, go to: https://health.umd.edu/node/25


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Training in certain professional and interpersonal skills can help to create a more productive and respectful work environment, and help prevent the kinds of workplace conflict that can lead to complaints of harassment and discrimination. The University Human Resources (UHR) office of Learning and Talent Development offers a variety of learning opportunities for UMD faculty and staff in such topics as:

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Managing Stress and Anger
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Leadership Development and Supervisory Skills
    • Communication
    • Managing Conflict
    • Delegation
    • Constructive Performance Conversations
    • Responding to Personal Issues Employees Bring to Work
  • The PRD Process.

UHR also offers the following Adult Education courses:

  • GED Test Preparation
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages- ESOL Classes
  • Basic Computer Skills

View the UHR training calendar and register at www.training.umd.edu


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The Office of Divesity & Inclusion provides active oversight, coordination, and evaluation of the University of Maryland's equity, diversity and inclusion activities; manages and tracks implementation of the Strategic Plan for Diversity; and encourages and supports the efforts of units to achieve their diversity goals.


The Rainbow Terrapin Network Membership Training covers the fundamentals of allyship and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer inclusion on campus. Specific topics include social justice, vocabulary and inclusive language, campus issues and resources, and ways you can take action and get involved.

The Trans* Advocacy Training covers the fundamentals of transgender and gender variant issues, including gender theory and gender variance, cisgender privilege, and ways allies and advocates for trans* communities on campus can take action.


The words we hear - and say - every day can have an impact on others. The Inclusive Language Campaign (ILC) is a student-driven initiative launched in 2012 by Resident Life and Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA). The goal of the Inclusive Language Campaign is not to be the "language police," but to educate and create converstions around language and inclusion on campus through trainings, poster campaigns, student videos, and other programming and events. For example, learn about some common phrases that could be considered offensive here.

Reporting Options

Prompt reporting is encouraged. Persons may report allegations of sexual misconduct at any time, and are encouraged to report promptly in order to maximize the University’s ability to obtain evidence, identify potential witnesses and conduct a thorough, prompt, and impartial investigation.

UMD Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM)

Phone: 301-405-1142
Email: titleixcoordinator@umd.edu

UMD Resident Student Life – Office of Rights & Responsibilities

Phone: 301-314-7598

UMD Office of Student Conduct

Phone: 301-314-8204

Reporting Obligations

Reporting Obligations of Responsible University Employees

Federal law and UMD Policy requires that the Title IX Officer receive notice of all reports of sexual misconduct. This means that all disclosures of different types of sexual misconduct shared with a "Responsible University Employee," must be reported to the Title IX Office at titleixcoordinator@umd.edu.

A responsible employee includes all University administrators, supervisors, faculty members, law enforcement, coaches, trainers, and resident assistants. It also includes individuals who are perceived as having the authority or duty to take action or to report sexual misconduct to the University. A Responsible University Employee who receives a report of sexual misconduct must promptly notify the Title IX Officer of the report.

The Title IX Officer will work collaboratively with the reporting entity, and operates with discretion to maintain the privacy of all persons involved.

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On Campus

small logo for Raise Your Voice.Raise Your Voice

logo for Raise Your Voice.The Raise Your Voice website provides one easy-to-navigate source of information about University resources, services, policies, and other necessary information regarding sexual assault prevention and sexual misconduct. You'll also find links to pertinent resources from other relevant University offices.

small logo for CARE.CARE to Stop Violence

logo for CARE.Your well-being and healing is our priority. CARE keeps information private and confidential. You can tell us as much or as little as you want to; you can even be anonymous.

  • UMD Health Center: 301.314.2222
  • CARE 24 hour Resource Line/Text: 301.741.3442

Counseling Center

If you are interested in speaking individually with a counselor or arranging for a safe and supportive facilitated discussion for your group, please call the Counseling Center.

Behavioral Health Services

There are times when students struggle and we can help if you are seeking support.

Faculty Staff Assistance
Program (FSAP)

Our goal is to provide professional and timely services to UMCP faculty and staff.

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